Wednesday, 21 September 2011

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365

Open Beta

The general availability of the service is expected to be in January, 2012. BlackBerry is currently accepting participants for Open Beta Program starting in October.

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services provides a secure link between your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 messaging services and BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry Business Cloud Services provides mobile access to email, calendaring and organizer data with Exchange Online.
If you are interested in participating in BlackBerry Business Cloud Servies for Microsoft Office 365 Beta you can visit and nominate your organization for this service.
Things to consider when participating in the open beta program...
  • Consider that with any pre-release service there may be occasional service interruptions and maintenance requiring temporary system downtime
  • Consider that the open beta program is both a testing ground for you to explore the new features and functionality and for RIM to provide periodic service updates to ensure the service at launch exceeds expectations
  • You will have access to BlackBerry's technical support for any issues encountered
  • You acknowledge that the beta service is not a finished product and that your interaction does not reflect your experience with the finished product

To enable your Microsoft Office 365 for BlackBerry service:
  1. An administrator must login to and click on Setting up email on mobile phones under Resources
  2. Click Enable Hosted BlackBerry® services from Research In Motion®
  3. Agree to the information sharing agreement
  4. From the Microsoft Online Services Admin Overview, click Manage under Hosted BlackBerry® services from Research In Motion®
  5. Once the open beta is live you will be able to configure and activate desired BlackBerry devices
For more information regarding the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services Beta Program please visit

For more information on how to enable BlackBerry service on your Office 365 account and how to nominate your organization to participate in BlackBerry Beta Program please visit

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  1. I think it's a smart move by Blackberry to play to their strengths, which is their private social network (BBM). Hopefully this collaboration with Microsoft will further improve the service.